Chicks and Boomer Chicks.... you may want to rent this movie!

A couple of dear friends called me and the husband asked if I had I seen this movie? My answer was no...and he dropped the DVD at my front door.

'Maiden' Documentary Tracks All-Female Crew Who 'Sailed .

I was completely captivated by it. 

He asked if Carl, my late husband (and yacht designer), had ever been on the Whitbred Race and I said NO! I would have remembered that, for sure. This was a race around the world! 

I wondered out loud if Carl had been part of a team who would have been designing boat like this....but I think I would have remembered that as well. 

These women had little, if any experience, on boats. But, boy, I mean the 'ladies' they found, women who had little or no experience, and those that knew how to sail (like 3 of them) but never even thought an all-female crew could be put together and pull out a win...was exceptional. Yes, they worked hard to get themselves and the boat in shape. 

IMHO girls, chicks, gals, ladies, women should see this, (and oh,  the men and boys, should also watch this.) 

I am so impressed that Carl even thought to invite me to race with him (and my 5 best boyfriends) to Hawaii, on a Transpac Race.  It took the 6 of us 11.5 days to race from LA to Honolulu on an Express 37 (37-foot sailing/racing boat). And we covered 2500+ miles during that race.

I was crying (both happy tears and sad tears) during the movie! 

BTW...a neighbor brought this photo over, that she found as she was, I guess, cleaning stuff out! Clearly, this was at Christmas time...but the boats on Carl's sweater says it all.

Live richly, marilyn


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