Tool box? I have a tool bin.


OK. I had good intentions. What I usually do with old toothbrushes is keep them in a small glass container, underneath my bathroom sink. That way I can use them for scrubbing out the black gunk in my bathroom sink drain. It's just gross. 

Then I shake the toothbrush in the sink and wipe the black gunk up with a tissue or a paper towel. And then I will heat up some water in my tea kettle and pour that down the drain.

This time, though, the drain grabbed my toothbrush. I tried various ways to get hold of the toothbrush but it wouldn't come out. Good news - it wasn't clogging the sink. Water was still flowing down the drain. I let the toothbrush stay there for a couple of days. 

OK....I needed to get this toothbrush out. I was quiet and let good thoughts into my head. I'm no plumber but there should be a way to get it out without spending an arm and a leg on a plumber. 

Think what Carl would do...think what I would do back when I was flying. 

I was pretty sure I had some needle-nose pliers in my paint/tool bin. I hadn't thought about the variety of pliers that exists for years...maybe even never.  

But in the bin  - there they were. Small enough to get into the drain, long enough to grab the toothbrush. 

Voila! I was quite proud of myself....for thinking the good thoughts, and the answer came. Small miracles...big rewards.

Live richly! marilyn


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