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It's all in the timer...

As the Building chairperson for our church, one of the members was concerned that our outdoor plants needed water. OK! I knew where the watering timers were, and I went to the one that was indoors because that was the one that watered those plants. Those timers been  'off' for the last few months. Even with my reading glasses, I couldn't figure out how this worked. Sure, I've set it before, but this time it just seemed like a big hassle and the print was so small. It was such a hassle, that when I went on my weekly bike ride with a good friend, I asked her to pedal with me over to the church after our ride to see if she could figure out how this timer thingy worked. She gladly obliged. She gave it a good go, but was a bit frustrated. I called my gardener, who also just started tending to our church landscaping, to see if he would meet me at the church. I felt redeemed! Even Sal couldn't get it to work. He said that the timer was really old, and yanked