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My new friend.

I guess I've been staying in and around my house too much these days. I don't go grocery shopping unless I've got a list of items to get. And I'm quite specific about what I will buy, except for the occasional treat(s) for myself. Not quite 2 weeks ago I decided to go to Trader Joe's. And it was so crowded there! I literally thought...what is going on here? The shelves were mostly empty. I was mostly confused. I was thinking "I've lost my mind" or maybe "I was having a dream!" And then I put 2+2 together...and I came up with the new REALITY! Everybody was buying everything...because nobody wanted to run out of anything! I just stood in an aisle and watched the crowds around me.'s the virus. And we're all on a staycation.  And I left TJs. But there are more people than ever because the kids are at home! No more school. It's homeschooling, Zoom, online classes for littlest ones, too. Now I'm much wiser. I shop