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OK. Let's get down to biz. This is the same as my real estate blog this week. However, You might want to check out what these 2 guys have successfully put together..... How to Pass the Salt While Maintaining Proper Social Distance - YouTube Spring is busting out all over…. 14th Annual  Shredding Party! May 2nd Saturday, 9am – 1pm Rain or Shine! This is my gift to our Alameda community—- FREE to you and all your friends! If you’d like to make a donation, I’ll match it and all proceeds will go to:  Alameda Meals on Wheels! And being obedient to the Alameda County law, we will be ‘physically distancing.’ If you need my address, email me. Many of you will be getting at least 1 or two postcards from me with all of the info and you can tell your friends to come by, or  I can pick up their stuff the week before our party. Live richly, marilyn