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Juggling with eggs....

I found some small square ball-like objects, and it triggered something in my mind. What, where was it? Did I dream it? It's been rather surprising to me, when we're in this quarantine situation, that I really stop and look at things around this house! The cabinets, storage closets, drawers, boxes, niches under the stairs seem to be calling to me....."what do I have in here, that you've forgotten about?" As I've said before....have space, will fill.  While I was riding my bike this past week, during the glow of sunset, and there was nobody on the bike path by the beach, I realized where I learned to juggle. It was at Sky Sailing Airport.  Sky Sailing is the place where Carl took me for an introductory lesson in a sailplane (aka glider). He had his private pilot's license (both single-engine land and gliders). But his dream was to design and race sailboats/yachts. And that he did...very well. However, he turned me into a 'for real' comm