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Mobile Quarantine Facility

Some great friends dropped off some super-heavy plastic bags, should I need them for my 14th Annual Shredding Party. Great! I'll take them, thank you! Me: Now would you both like to come in for a beverage? Oh, that's right, we can't do that - because we wear masks and we need to stay 6 feet apart. I could bring out my high school megaphone so we could have a conversation! Uh, not so much. She's been the one who has been able to keep me laughing during these very troubling times.  I was going through some photos on my phone...and I found a photo of this Mobile Quarantine Facility...which is just one piece of history from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration display on the Hornet. The Hornet was an aircraft carrier during WWII and lifted Apollo 11 out of the water, once it splashed down with the astronauts.  This seems a very appropriate picture, during these times.   The Hornet was the spot where the Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual meet