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Masks & trash.

A friend has been sewing masks...for most everybody! I was grateful to receive 2 masks from her. One has elastic that I can put over my ears. It's lovely and has lots of color. The other has two hand ties, and she said she made it for me because it has bicycles on it! Unfortunately, I can't find the mask with the elastic. I'm sure it's somewhere around here, or in my car. I went over to one of our local hardware stores,  today. I've been so grateful for all of the workers, anywhere, and specifically those who know their inventory: what's in and what's on order. I bought a couple of the N95 masks today, along with some hand sanitizer, and more booties. I already had the Clorox wipes. No line, no waiting. In and out. This was in preparation for putting a house on the market. Once you put the booties on to view a house they need to be tossed out once you leave the property.  Good news....we're not required to wear masks when we ride a bike! I fi