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Kitchen drawers....

One of my favorite sayings is "Have space, will fill." One day this week...I decided to clear/clean out my kitchen drawers. They looked organized enough...but ugh.  I even brought my Dyson vacuum in to do the sucking once the drawers were empty. How many cheese cutters/knives/slicers do I need? Maybe one. I have about 5. How about those melon-ballers? I had 2. Buh bye. I don't know why I have a baby-sized rolling pin (was it my daughter's)? Oh, and I have a butter slicer ---- so every slice looks identical. Toss it. I don't have a clue what the flat wooden thing is that has 4 holes (various widths) in it. When did I last use an ice-cube picker-upper? How dainty....these days I just shove my cup/glass under the icemaker. How many bottle openers do I need...especially those that have advertisments on them? Nada. Don't all bottle tops twist off these days by hand? I'm keeping the yellow plastic thing that assists me in scooping out hone