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It's a whole new world....

Yesterday we went on a bike ride. By 'we' I mean my son, his wife, their son (6 years old) and their daughter (not quite 4). They had driven up to Napa to see her parents and loaded the 4 bikes onto a bike carrier on their Subaru. Then they drove to A-town. I usually go bike riding in the evening and that's when we went...less crowded, more space, it was a bit windy. I'm constantly amazed at how these kids (adults and grandkids) are learning to things these days and using the tools they have (electronics and logic). It's a far cry compared to how I learned to ride a bike. I was taught to ride a bike by using training wheels instead of pushing on foot. Training wheels only taught me how to fall over. Eventually, the parents do attach the pedals. The oldest is doing great while the youngest is still pushing. But she is fast! She's a small speed-freak. I was taught by my grandson how to play 4 Kings in the Corners, last night. My daughter said it re