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Nice people do great things.....

I found this while riding my bike in the early evening.  I'm not sure what the '1619-?" means. A very dear friend wrote this to me a few weeks ago. "Wishing you a nice weekend as well. I have to share what I did for my neighbor who was and is still a great help for me. Airport Appliance had an ad on TV where they were going to give away an appliance to a person in need.  Well, Sharon has had a broken dryer for over a year and I let her come and use mine. So, I wrote a wonderful letter about how she is so selfless, and helps everyone before herself. She is a cancer survivor, and living with one kidney. She is 75 she has been so wonderful to me, and others. Well, this week I get this call on my landline and I didn't recognize the name, and I thought oh well answer it. It was Airport Appliance and my letter was selected and not only is Sharon going to get a new dryer, but they are adding a new washer as well. I told them that she'd been w/out t