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In my driveway....

....I was sitting in my car, in my driveway, this week, and suddenly there was a single-engine plane towing a banner behind it. Very strange these days. I don't see banners very often. As I sat there, in the driveway, some visions came into my head...about flying. I didn't or couldn't figure them I just sat there for a while. Then I realized I had scooped up a banner when I was working as a line (boy) and trading some of my time to learn to fly, at the glider field, Sky Sailing Airport, in Fremont, CA. * Somehow the banner got loose from the bi-plane, and fell to the ground.  And thank goodness it was in a field, not on the highway. I got into my VW Bug, and searched for it. I found it. I stuffed it into my car and went back to the airfield. The bi-plane had landed. I knew who the guy was who owned that plane. He had no clue who I was. He flew for one of the transport airlines. That means he flew 'stuff' around, not living human beings. This was