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Clearing/cleaning out...again....

...only one drawer or one shelf or a portion of a closet at a time.  This week I looked inside my desk drawers and I found a stack of stamps - everything from one-cent stamps to 28 and 32 cent stamps.  These days the USPO has Forever Stamps, but I don't think they work on packages, just envelopes. In these days of electronics and mailing companies (UPS FedEx, Amazon) the USPO has some competition.   I think it's a wise thing to use these random stamps up...before they're canceled...but not by the USPO, but because most items are bills that are paid by our debit cards or credit cards and all done electronically.  Shane, our regular mail carrier, is always very interesting to listen to....and he does all of the talking. I just kind of nod, but don't agree. I just keep my mouth shut.    .....and this is what I do with stamps that have been stashed in my desk drawers. $3.90 in stamps to ship an unused extra part back to Amazon. Oh yeah, I got credit for that part, but I sti