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A Beautiful Thing

  I'm not sure when I took this photo...but my notes tell me it was on Fairview Avenue, in Alameda, several (maybe many) years ago.  It's very peaceful, and restful, in very weird times. I think I took it while on the Broker Tour.  If you haven't watched this movie (A Beautiful Thing) on TV, I suggest you do so. It truly is a beautiful thing. I've watched it twice, and it's a true story.  I started it thinking it was a rowing film...and both of my kids were rowers for the Oakland Strokes.  Yep, it is about rowing. And the ghetto in Chicago. And the gangs. And killing random people with guns. And drugs. And it's a real-life story. I watched on Xfinity on-demand, Netflix.  Lives can be altered, changed, radically changed. I cried.  It's was a story about good over evil...and rising above the evil.  And don't we all need this, now?  Let me know if you've watched it before, or i