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Chicks and Boomer Chicks.... you may want to rent this movie!

A couple of dear friends called me and the husband asked if I had I seen this movie? My answer was no...and he dropped the DVD at my front door.   'Maiden' Documentary Tracks All-Female Crew Who 'Sailed . I was completely captivated by it. He asked if Carl, my late husband (and yacht designer), had ever been on the Whitbred Race and I said NO! I would have remembered that, for sure. This was a race around the world!  I wondered out loud if Carl had been part of a team who would have been designing boat like this....but I think I would have remembered that as well.  These women had little, if any experience, on boats. But, boy, I mean the 'ladies' they found, women who had little or no experience, and those that knew how to sail (like 3 of them) but never even thought an all-female crew could be put together and pull out a win...was exceptional. Yes, they worked hard to get themselves and the boat in shape.  IMHO girls, ch