I was working on my computer......

....and it was quiet, indoors and outdoors. I'd been at it for a while.  

Cactus on my front porch!

I decided to turn the radio on (KQED 88.5). This is the only radio station I trust and I'm a sustaining member of this wonderful station. 

I have Sonos and it goes through speakers depending on which room I'm in. I just hit the button that's on a wall (office, my bedroom, the family room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room). It was about 2pm.

I couldn't believe my ears! What was going on? Was I listening to 'War of the Worlds?' Was I dreaming? 

And that's when I found out that Washington DC was under attack. OMG! Would California be next? I couldn't wrap my head around this. 

What? It was us against us? Who? It was us? Americans?

As you all know...it was the Trump-eters. They were busting down doors, smashing things up, somebody was shot and is dead, and guns were fired, in the capitol.

Why would a President encourage this? Why?

For the balance of the day, I continued to go between the radio and the TV. The good news is that between 7:30pm and 8:30pm I was able to attend our Wednesday evening meeting via Zoom, at our church here in Alameda.

The concept of 'Please stay safe' is no longer about Covid-19. 

I don't usually write about politics, much less wars in our homeland, in our Capitol. 

Besides this recent/continuing disaster, we're burning up our planet, and we need to prioritize items in our lives....if we're going to resolve these issues. 

2020 was an okay year...because more of us are more aware of the inequities between white and Blacks and Latinx and LGBTQ, and the discussions about the police (defunding departments). 

Please be safe, be aware of what you are saying and why...and if you can't say why you're saying something...then just shut-up. 

And buh-bye Trump. 

(Next week should be more 'normal', whatever that means.)

Live richly, marilyn


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