Getting out of the house....

 I needed to get out of the house last Friday.  

I took this photo because of the clouds. 
The smooth clouds are lenticular clouds. 
Often they are stacked up like pancakes.

It appears that the winds aloft were coming 
from the west, northwest, 
maybe shoving up against Mt. Tamalpais. 

But in order to get into the areas of lift, 
you need to fly into/around
the rotor clouds. 
(It appears that some of the smaller rotor clouds are 
in the forefront of the photo.)

Those rotor clouds are usually hell to deal with:
more than bumpy, 
you may think the wings may be ripped off.

But when you get through the rotor,
it's perfectly smooth, perfectly quiet, 
and you are flying in the wave.

The next to land at your destination 
(whether it's where you took off from, or not) 
and, hopefully, your crew will be waiting for you.

If not, it may be a cold windy night spent in a sailplane.

The highest altitude I reached was just over 
21,000 feet. 
That flight got me a Soaring Society of America pin/award.

live richly, marilyn


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