Patagonia..., I've never been there. 

Here's an internet dictionary description:

'Patagonia, semiarid scrub plateau that covers nearly all of the southern portion of mainland Argentina. With an area of about 260,000 square miles (673,000 square kilometres), it constitutes a vast area of steppe and desert that extends south from latitude 37° to 51° S.'

Because I've purchased some of their stuff over the years, I receive a quarterly magazine from them. I read it...from front to back.  Yes, I use reading glasses, but the font size is so small I need more light and better glasses. 

I have one of their orange (fake down) vests, an orange (fake down) jacket, a shirt, a t-shirt.

Clearly, this is a magazine that features the 'outdoors': rock climbing, big wave surfing, fishing in lakes in the snow, and how and why they design, create, test-it-out-before-shipping-it-out to consumers. 

This issue featured '30 BY 30....An ambitious goal could protect humans and wildlife from the worst of climate change.' (I typed it as it was written.) 

I love that instead of 'Author' they use WORDS and then the name of the person who wrote it. 

The authors/publishers write as if their lives depend on it. And they do....and we should think the same way. They feature people of all colors, all races, and everything that I'd dream about doing, but don't (but I enjoy reading about these folks). 

I try to buy quality...because it lasts so much longer. That often means a higher price. Often there will be a warranty when I buy quality. 

Another brand that I find myself favoring is Dyson. I have their vacuum. I have their hairdryer. 

As some of our dear friends used to say...."You'll only cry once." That means you pay for quality..and the company guarantees that's what you'll get. And they will replace it at little and/or no cost to you. 

Live richly....but wisely. 



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