Small town....Alameda

 A dashboard light came on in my car, last Tuesday. argh. 

I pulled out my car manual from the glove compartment to see what that symbol was warning me about. (By the way, why is it called a glove compartment? I've never put gloves anywhere near that covered area directly in front of the passenger seat!)

One of my tires was low. I immediately drove over to Big Discount Tires (corner of Oak St. and Eagle Ave). 

I got my last set of tires at Big O Tires maybe 2-3 years ago. I'm not sure, but I think the owner of the business bought the building on Eagle and changed the name. The folks that work there are wonderful! 

Sure enough, I ran over some yellow metal thing. The gentleman pumped up my tire, more than the instructions said, left the yellow thing in the tire, and he told me to come in early (8am) but they wouldn't make an appointment for me. 

But the earlier I got there, the sooner that yellow thingy would be history. I got there @ 8am, the next day, to have it removed and the tire patched. (Doesn't it sound like I was going to the dentist's office?) 

I'm not necessarily an early riser...okay, I'm not an early riser at all. But a lot of folks are...and the Big Discount Tires office/shop was busy. 

And this is why I like Alameda. A gentleman with whom I used to work at Harbor Bay Realty (he did the loans for some of the agents there) was there and said hi to me! We spent a few minutes catching up. I'm always shocked when somebody says my name. I sometimes feel that  this town is like the TV show...."Andy of Mayberry."

Now I know that everything has its place. But while I was looking for the car manual in my glove compartment, I pulled out some Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. Somebody told me that they never expired. So I kept them in my (glove?) compartment. 

Now that the Bed Bath and Beyond store at South Shore Center has been shuttered, I began to go through the coupons. Yep, there was an expiration date on all 42 coupons.  

While A-town is changing...and has some growing/expanding/expansion pains, we're still an island in San Francisco Bay. Not sure how long it will be here, due to climate change. But if we, as a community, city, state, world can't face climate change proactively, then we may just float/sink away.

Do your shopping locally. Say hi to strangers that you don't know. Come to the Shredding Party this Saturday May 1,  9am-1pm. Donate to Alameda Meals on Wheels and I'll match your donation. 

Live richly, marilyn


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