These Canada geese and their babies were walking by a listing that I'll soon be putting on the market. The geese were so kind to the goslings. 
And humans were so kind to that family of geese; giving them space. 

It rather seems to me, that most of us are a bit kinder today than we were over a year ago.

I needed to go to the Toyota dealership in Oakland, this past week. Instead of waiting around for 3-4 hours while they performed the required routine maintenance on my car, the dealership was offering a free Lyft from the dealership to my home, and a free Lyft back to the dealership. 

I think this is a great idea, especially with some Covid restrictions still in place. The person who drove me back home was terrific. And when I received the survey  on my phone...that's how I responded in writing. 

However, the driver for Lyft (to take me back to the dealership) was really reckless. I let him know that the local cops in Alameda were very strict about enforcing the speed limit, as he was pressing down on the gas pedal. 

Starting from the time of picking me up, driving through the town, driving on the highway that parallels the Oakland Airport general aviation terminals, he was just driving speeding!

Others may not know this, but the speed limit in town is 25 mph. Others in town may know this and just don't care.  Clearly, this fact made no difference to the Lyft driver. 

We ended up at the Toyota dealership, thank goodness, with no incidents. But I did tell the service manager about my experience. He had the driver's name, make and model of the car, (obviously a Toyota) and said he'd report it to the Lyft people. 

A few minutes before my car was driven out of the shop and into the parking lot, the manager said he had talked with the Lyft supervisor...and I think the supervisor fired that driver. 

I'm not sorry that I "told on the driver." I'm sure he needs the job. But he won't be driving me anywhere, and hopefully nobody else, as well. 

Just keep on living, richly!



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