We've got rosemary, lavender, and the sign on the
carriage house says 'Apples 5 cents.' 

We used to have a very prolific apple tree, along the west side of the carriage house. They were more for baking than for just picking them off and eating them. But they were amazing! 

And then we realized it was undermining the carriage house (built in the 1950's?) concrete floor. Out came the apple tree.

Carl, my late husband, used the building as his shop. He was a very talented wood-worker. He developed that talent when he was younger, having been taught by his father.  Carl built many of his designs (as half-models) either for his office (at the now-defunct Alameda Marina) or for his clients...as gifts. 

During the pandemic, I've spent a lot of time sitting, reading, watching birds, on the patio (which was made of bricks, from the foundation of our house). 

We needed to have the foundation replaced right after we closed on the purchase. The contractors needed to remove those bricks, replace them with concrete, and we had them dig down deeper, so we could have legal ceiling height for the 2 bedrooms, full bath, and laundry room additions.

Our kids said it was the dungeon, but it was legal and done with permits. And the work was signed off by the city inspectors, just before 9-11.

Now that we're nearing 'normal', (whatever that means), the commercial planes are flying all day long, out of OAK and SFO. I'm still fascinated by those planes. I wonder where they are going. I like watching the contrails.  

I listen to the birds' songs.  I love watching the hummingbirds, and the small birds that just sing. Crows? Not so much. They just poop everywhere. 

I sweep up the ivy-berries at least once per day, because the ivy wall, which is over 20 feet tall, is what separates us from the very kind neighbors. And to step on those berries and bring them into the house...not so good. 

All is well.

Live richly, marilyn


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