Spam...and I don't mean Spiced Ham in a can....

I don't know about you...but I get spam calls all the time on my cell phone. I even got one on my landline the other day. 

Oh, you may be wondering why I have a landline? It's because if I break or lose or misplace my phone I'll have a way to reach somebody when I'm at home and can order a new phone. And my landline does not ring very often. When I'm at my desk, I can easily reach it, lift it up and slam it down.

In my small mind, I'm wondering how the spammers make their money: 

-Are they supposed earn their $$$ based how many calls they make? Do they get paid more if they have a 5-minute conversation with each person? 

-Do they get paid based on how many folks pick up their phones? 

-Do the spammers pay the company, if they don't reach the required 'pick-up-the phone' numbers?


-Do they record us? 

-Do they get extra $$$ (rewards) if the not-lucky recipient gets reeled in, hook, line and sinker?

-Since many of the phone-owners get the spammers gig, do spammers keep on punching those numbers? Or do they delete the phone numbers? 

-How long is their shift? Do they fall asleep?

-Do they get $$$ deducted from their wages if recipients hang up?

By the way, we had spam (baked or fried) maybe once per week when I was a kid.

I'm quite sure I've never had it since then. 

Live richly, marilyn


  1. Good questions about this very annoying issue. Don't have any answers! Arghhhhh!


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