Help me!

Alameda's instant air-conditioning.       

FOG is near the coast but not in the BAY

(Photo taken Wed., August 4th, near Ballena Bay)

I called for 'help' because one of my blogs wouldn't let me type anything. 

GoDaddy is is the name of the company, that hosts (or whatever it's called) my biz blog. I called them because I gave them permission to do some behind-the-scenes upgrades that were necessary.  

I'm not the person to just try something out. I let others do this BEFORE I try anything out...certainly with any and all computer stuff. I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I'm not the dimmest, either. 

I left my phone number. Much to my surprise, a person (man) called me back! One assumes that if somebody is calling for help, that somebody needs help! Clearly, this man was not into helping me. 

Today I got a call back...from another person, a woman. She didn't treat me like a dumb person. She spoke to me in English, in a way I could understand. She didn't even want to share my screen. GoDaddy needed to clean my website, then proceed with the migration of my 'for fun' blog (this blog). 

She put me on hold a few times...because she wanted to be sure she was solving my issues. It had something to do with migration. not to be confused with a migraine (headache). She walked me through each item. She listened to me. And we accomplished the upgrade. 

She gave me her direct phone number and/or I could call the Hosting (not for a dinner party) Department or I could call the Migration Department (not for immigration).

We probably spent 2 hours on the phone. She was calm and clear. I was calm and not-so-clear. In fact, although I charge my phone each night, it was running out of juice and it was only noon! 

This has been a wonderful (and productive) way to reinforce why I attempt to listen before I speak (or argue); why I attempt to ask questions of anybody who knows more than I do, and why I attempt to try to shut up until the explanation is given to me. 

She told me that it may take 3-4 hours to complete the migration. I never got her name. And I wish I had asked for it. She is my hero and she may never know it. 

Live richly, and stick with the nice folks that are 'out' there! marilyn



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