The kitty that runs away from me....

... but I think this cat believes that my backyard is a haven for her. I'm not really sure who she belongs to or where s/he gets her food from, but she has found a dream come true in the backyard. 

Here s/he is laying on the brick patio, behind the table (which I turned on its side). 

It's a huge hassle to get the table into the carriage house. It's also a huge hassle to clean it up when it's standing upright in my backyard. 

So.....this season I turned the table onto its side: the glass facing south.  South is the direction that the rains and winds come from, based on the weather patterns. 

My logic is that I won't have to clean all four sides of the table with a toothpick and a rag. I think I'm kidding myself. But it's worth a try.

Plus, it gives shelter (and warmth) to the kitty when it's not raining.

Live richly (and stay dry), marilyn


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