Tricks or TREATS!

If you shop for produce @ Dan's (corner of Central and Oak), you'll find this HUGE pumpkin that weighs in at 2293 pounds!

Speaking of pumpkins, I had a fair number of kids (and some of their parents) stop by for some treats. I was sitting on my front porch and the majority were wearing masks (not the Halloween masks) but face masks. 

It's the big kids (like middle schoolers and high schoolers) that carry pillowcases  and want the candy. 

For several years I've made the big kids do TRICKS before I give them their treats. They groan about this. But I'm very serious. It's amazing that they will either do 3 high leg kicks or 5 jumping jacks. They're the ones who are saying Trick or Treat.

If they don't do the trick I say buh-bye and off they go. However, it is pretty funny to see them do what I ask of them.

And now we're heading towards Thanksgiving. This year I feel so grateful for most everything...I learn from my mistakes and attempt to keep moving forward (either with small steps or giant leaps).

In my world... every day is Thanksgiving Day. Sure, I have to remind myself of that and sometimes it's tough. But if I don't learn from my mistakes, I'm bound to repeat them. 

So here's to having a wonderful rest of the year. It doesn't have to be New Years's all mental and this year I've learned that, for sure. 

Live richly, marilyn


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