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I was working on my computer......

....and it was quiet, indoors and outdoors. I'd been at it for a while.   Cactus on my front porch! I decided to turn the radio on (KQED 88.5). This is the only radio station I trust and I'm a sustaining member of this wonderful station.  I have Sonos and it goes through speakers depending on which room I'm in. I just hit the button that's on a wall (office, my bedroom, the family room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room). It was about 2pm. I couldn't believe my ears! What was going on? Was I listening to 'War of the Worlds?' Was I dreaming?  And that's when I found out that Washington DC was under attack. OMG! Would California be next? I couldn't wrap my head around this.  What? It was us against us? Who? It was us? Americans? As you all was the Trump-eters. They were busting down doors, smashing things up, somebody was shot and is dead, and guns were fired, in the capitol. Why would a President encourage this? Why? For the balance