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Reuniting with the 50th reunion.

1971 ... T he greatest class to ever graduate from Corona del Mar High School. Or so we thought.  I went to the 40th reunion. I guess I just wanted to see folks that I knew back then...and who/what/where and how they are doing today. I was not overwhelmed with what I saw. argh. Good news for me....I drove there and had my bike on the back of my car. I did meet up with Eve, who is an artist, and we rode bikes along the beach on the peninsula and had lunch @ Ruby's on the pier.  Back to 2021 - I was sending out some 'Happy New Year' cards to some friends and I wanted to be sure I had their addresses right. So I emailed one of them. And we re-connected. She was one of my bridesmaids.   She asked me if I wanted to be on the planning committee for the reunion. And I politely said no. In fact, I said I wouldn't be attending that reunion.  She said why? Trying to be polite, I said I wouldn't be attending it because I have nothing in common with those folks. Plus I don'