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 I was driving around the base one evening this week (aka the former Alameda Naval Air Station) and it was pretty still and quiet. Then I saw this boat/hardware-thingy with a bright orange sail/mast with a wind direction/pointer/balancer. What is this? I took some photos.  Then the next day I received my weekly Alameda Sun newspaper, and there was my answer.  From the Alameda Sun -  "Alameda-based Saildrone, launched its new vessel 'Surveyor' in Seaplane Lagoon, Jan. 11. The 72-foot unmanned vessel will map the ocean floor and complete other studies. Alameda Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft attended a small ceremony marking the Surveyor's first time in the water. It was very quiet and still. But shortly thereafter, there were some folks doing donuts and circles in their cars and that was my clue to get outta there.  However, I thought about Carl. He was a Naval Architect/ Yacht Designer and how much he would have loved to see this wonder.  IMHO...he already has. Live richly