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I was watching TV...last night...

 ...and came across Airplane Repo on the Discovery Channel.  So I watched a partial episode. This guy/guys/people were after the high-end (meaning mega $$$$) airplane/jet stuff.  I watch a partial episode of a pilot climbing over a 10' tall fence, in the dark, with a gun, trying not to get caught. Hey, I used to do that! A bunch of us pilots that worked at Sky Sailing Airport (in Fremont, CA) teaching glider flying and flying the tow planes, getting hours worth of flying in and being paid for it was worth it. It wasn't very much $$ in those days. But we did it because we needed to accumulate hours.  I also taught a ground school class, that's required for FAA certification prior to the flight test. The class would be held at a local Denny's restaurant, or in the cold hanger at the airfield.  Actually, I was a Designated Pilot Examiner (appointed by the local FAA office @ Oakland Airport) so I could also test the skills of the want-to-fly-gliders pilots. If they passed