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Flying and making the transition...

The largest plane that I flew was DC4's, a four-engine airplane, as a co-pilot.  Aero Union was the name of the company. The planes were based out of Chico. The Aero Union folks knew that some of the Sky Sailing pilots had some viable, reliable flying skills.  The salmon haul tool place in Kenai, Alaska  when the sun was up nearly 24 hours per day. The sun just dipped below the horizon and came right back up.  We flew the planes, based on the low-tides, onto the hard-packed sand beaches, then took off to wherever they wanted to have the fish be delivered. Sunset in Alameda, this week Each tote required a forklift to get the goods out of the plane.  And yes, we sometimes pried off the top off one of the totes (which were huge)  so we could have fresh salmon for a meal or three. I don't remember cooking....and I think we took the salmon to a restaurant and had the cook whip up a meal for us. One of the ways I (we) built up my (our) resumes was to deliver new Piper (single-engine