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I saw my logbooks in the bookcase...

...and I couldn't get to them, because the glass slider door wouldn't slide open. Thank goodness one of the folks that clean my house was able to open it. Thank you, Andre!   I have my collection of Nancy Drew books in that bookcase.  And there are some other treasures  to us there, as well:  -Carl's dad, Dick Schumacher's, flight logbook. I believe this was the year he died in a Western Airlines crash.  -A barograph that somebody gave I could track how high I flew, when wave-soaring out of Minden, Nv. I believe I got up to 21,000' and was awarded with some type of certificate. Yes, I used oxygen and the tank was locked in behind me. -A sextant that Carl used to:  'determine the angle between the horizon and a celestial body such as the Sun, the Moon, or a star, used in celestial navigation to determine latitude and longitude. The device consists of an arc of a circle, marked off in degrees, and a movable radial arm pivoted at the centre of the circle.&#