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Sitting on my front porch stairs....

Image the early evening. I have a friend, who has a friend, and often I'll get a text from my friend..."are you at home?"   He's walking his dog. Sometimes I miss his texts. Other times I'll text him back...'yes', 'no', or 'what time'? Often he walks with another friend and his dog.  This casual event happens in the early evening, when it's nearly dark, or these days when it's still bright outside.   This afternoon/early evening was exceptional. The sun was bright: little or no breeze, and just sitting on the front steps was amazing. It was so nice that for a while all the world (my world) was just right.  Another neighbor walked by and struck up a conversation with my friend's friend. So we had 4 friends, and 1 dog, and 2 conversations.  I was quiet...and wondered why I felt so blessed?  Because I was sitting in front of my home.  Because I was soaking up the sun.  Because I have nothing to complain about.  Because there is a