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S...Sh...Shr...Shre...Shred... Shredd...Shreddi....Shredding....SHREDDING PARTY!

  Please come! Bring your friends!  Tell your friends and neighbors! It's free!  If you care to donate to Alameda (City) Meals on Wheels, I'll match every donation and the funds will go to AMOW! LAST YEAR WE DONATED A TOTAL OF $6080.00 TO ALAMEDA MEALS ON WHEELS! If you can't come over on the date/time, you can drop your stuff off at my house, ahead of time (they don't shred books and boxes) and I'll be sure it will be shredded!  Just give me a call and we can work out a time for you to drop your stuff off! Get ready, get set, SHRED! This is living richly!