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 These Canada geese and their babies were walking by a listing that I'll soon be putting on the market. The geese were so kind to the goslings.  And humans were so kind to that family of geese; giving them space.  It rather seems to me, that most of us are a bit kinder today than we were over a year ago. I needed to go to the Toyota dealership in Oakland, this past week. Instead of waiting around for 3-4 hours while they performed the required routine maintenance on my car, the dealership was offering a free Lyft from the dealership to my home, and a free Lyft back to the dealership.  I think this is a great idea, especially with some Covid restrictions still in place. The person who drove me back home was terrific. And when I received the survey  on my phone...that's how I responded in writing.  However, the driver for Lyft (to take me back to the dealership) was really reckless. I let him know that the local cops in Alameda were very strict about enforcing the speed limit, as