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Cooking with gas.....the O'Keefe and Merritt way.

My stove is over 100 years old.  Yep, you read that right.  About 3 weeks ago my oven wouldn't turn on. Thank goodness it wasn't leaking any gas.  I called one of my vendors.....Keith with Rx Appliance. He came over (and I love anyone who is honest with me), and said he wasn't the right one for the job...and referred me to Reliance Appliance (who is also on my list).  Keith called them right then and there in my kitchen and we made an appointment for Matt (the owner) from Reliance Appliance to come over.   (ALL of my vendors are swamped...and it took maybe 2-3 days before Matt showed up.)  Matt checked it out and said he'd send Sohl, his best repair person over within a couple of days. Sohl has worked on this stove before. He IS the best. Just watching him do what does is fascinating. He knows his craft like a baby knows his mother. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't recall who gave/sold it to me...but nobody makes these stoves/ranges like they used to!  The ne