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Meyer lemons from our lemon bush/tree. They are prolific! I put the garbage bins out on Wednesday evenings (or nights): the blue one, the gray one, and the green one. Sometimes my residents/tenants will haul them out, thinking that I've forgotten my duties. They are so kind! I fill up a bio-bag (it's biodegradable) with food waste, in my kitchen sink. I stopped using the garbage disposal decades ago. In fact, I don't even have a garbage disposal, because it required a lot of water. That happened maybe 3-4 droughts ago.   I add that food waste stuff into a hand-held plastic bucket that I requested from the waste-pick-up folks. I keep that on my back porch. It's pretty much animal/critter-proof. Then I'll dump that bucket into the green bin.  Early on Thursday mornings, I'll hear those cherished folks come and pick up the bins. It's pretty much like clockwork. These workers are also essential. I was thinking the other day, way back... when our family lived in