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Adapt/Adopt/Song writer/Song singer.

 I'm attempting to adapt to the 'new' normal.  By that I mean, I don't want to go back to the old normal. I do like taking photos of clouds. It kind of lifts me out of myself.  I drove my bike to Cycle City (corner of Santa Clara Ave and High Street). Yep, I took the car and hung my bike on the rack on the trunk of my car. I love that bike store. They are kind, and Ellis (who was a new employee to me) explained to me why I couldn't pump up my bike tires.   I have 2 bike tire pumps in the carriage house. Every time I attempt to 'pump them up'  they only lose air. Ellis told me there is a pin that fits in the small air hole in the pump, and showed me how to remove it. Who knew? Well, I guess Ellis did.  Another friend told me that all of the bike stores are swamped with work, so I shouldn't expect to get the bike back anytime soon. But I made an appointment to bring it in...and I'll get it back on Tuesday.  It will have new grips for the handlebars. It