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 More clouds late afternoon, Thursday. My roof didn't catch on fire (thank goodness), but the fireworks were going a bit crazy around the 'hood on the evening/night of the most recent 4th of July.  I really feel sorry for the cats that live nearby. They must hide somewhere (maybe in my they do when they're sleeping during the day). It was non-stop with the solo BANGS and the firecrackers. Yes, I do like colorful sparklers but they don't make any loud noise.  Last week, I was talking to my friend while we were sitting on my front porch, jawing around. I was trying to remember where I was when I smelled some type of fireworks on July 5th. It was smoldering. Then a couple of days ago, I realized where I was. We lived on Janis Circle, corner of Pearl St. I believe that Carl was on a Transpac Race to Hawaii. I was walking around the side yard, front yard, back yard, sniffing to find out what the smoldering smell was coming from. That went on for at least one ful