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The Olympic coverage that NBC (TV) is providing to us is awesome!  I'm the only one here and I'm muttering to myself....go, go, go, regardless of what sport is being featured and regardless of what teams are competing. I will admit that I prefer the American teams..but all of these participants are winners - every one of them.  But the one person that I'm totally admiring is Simone Biles, the amazing gymnast.  Who among us has not felt the conflict between 'moving forward and onward' or knowing when to stop. Please note...I don't mean quitting. I mean stopping or slowing down.  Yet, when I last looked a couple of hours ago, she was excited that her teammates were doing wonderfully and she was cheering them on.  If I don't take the time to think about why I'm feeling weird, why I'm not happy, why I feel burdened, why I feel great, why I am happy, why I feel free...I'm not being honest with myself.  I imagine she might write a book (or have an inte