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Help me!

Alameda's instant air-conditioning.        FOG is near the coast but not in the BAY (Photo taken Wed., August 4th, near Ballena Bay) I called for 'help' because one of my blogs wouldn't let me type anything.  GoDaddy is is the name of the company, that hosts (or whatever it's called) my biz blog. I called them because I gave them permission to do some behind-the-scenes upgrades that were necessary.   I'm not the person to just try something out. I let others do this BEFORE I try anything out...certainly with any and all computer stuff. I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I'm not the dimmest, either.  I left my phone number. Much to my surprise, a person (man) called me back! One assumes that if somebody is calling for help, that somebody needs help! Clearly, this man was not into helping me.  Today I got a call back...from another person, a woman. She didn't treat me like a dumb person. She spoke to me in English, in a way I could und