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  I got a call from some dear friends in Alameda.  It was a bit of a panic call. They wanted to know if I knew of any public dumpsters they could access so they could toss their 'unfrozen' food because their freezer had died on them. It was a large freezer - about six feet tall.  This happened on Wednesday, in the early evening. When I got their call I suggested that they come over to my house and put the thawed out food (wrapped in plastic) into my bin. They didn't want to bother me and said "no, no!" My bins were already out on the curb because ACI does the pickup on early Thursday morning. They decided that coming by with their unfrozen food, was a good idea. Shoving it down the garbage disposal was an option, but not a good one. They pulled up to the curb and within minutes we had transferred the unfrozen food from the trunk of the car into the bin. I've not had a garbage disposal for years. I use Bio Bags, instead of running water through the pipes. I thi