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When I'm sitting in my backyard, late in the day, sometimes I hear what sounds like bagpipes. A couple of my neighbors have followed the sounds and it's on the corner of Lafayette and Union. And s(he) plays on Friday: late afternoon or early evening. I can often tell what song it is...otherwise it just sounds like... bagpipes. Flowers in my friend's garden. They're gorgeous! I've been a subscriber to the Oakland Speaker Series for years, but I'm not sure who or what got us into this. I think it was Carl who got us started or it could have been one of his sailing friends. Maybe it was daughter, Sutter, who got us started. The series is held at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Oakland.  This past year it was done remotely, due to the pandemic. This season we have a choice: remotely or in person. The series is also held in Marin and on the  Peninsula. A couple of us have met other folks at the theater, but they sit closer to the stage (more $$$) while we sit in th