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Oct 18-24, 2021

 I received an email today, from UCSD, where son Evan went to school, and he met his wife there, as well.  However, it was directed to Carl. He's never been a rah-rah type person, even if he was winning a sailing race. He was usually on the quiet side.  I hope he'll attend (because they're going to shake things loose).  And I've never heard of any college having a 6-day Homecoming.  I admit...I'm clearly not into it. I hope they are going to be safe, but I don't see anything that leads me to that conclusion.  Oh well....SIS BOOM BAH! Be there or be square! Live richly, marilyn We’re ready to play. Are you? Dear Carl, It’s time to shake things loose at  Homecoming 2021 , where you’ll find an exciting mix of events, sure to bring out your Triton spirit. It’s time  to unite under a common banner and send up a collective cheer for UC San Diego’s DI scholar-athletes.  It’s time  to catch up with friends and run, walk or roll in support of students at the 25th Anniver