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Personalized licensed plates....

 ....I have a personalized licensed plate: CADEAU.  Most folks don't know how to pronounce it unless they speak French. It's not pronounced  CAD E  Y  U. It's pronounced CAD OO (long o).  I received a car in 1971 as a high school graduation gift from my folks. I had to go out to shop for it...and I believe I found the car in Garden Grove.  With that 1967 VW bug, I could drive to and from Cal State Long Beach and to my workplace in Corona del Mar at the Kentucky Fried Chicken store, and to Balboa Yacht Club, where my parents were members. The reason I needed to shop for it, is because my folks wanted me to take responsibility for it. But this is not about my own license plates.  I've been slowly clearing stuff out of the carriage house. And I found these license plates. They were my Dad's.  Can you figure out what the meaning is? There is no prize....but if you send me your guess, I'll congratulate you!! Stay tuned! Live richly, marilyn