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Patagonia makes great clothes (and it's worth every dollar that I spend on them) but....

......tonight I watched a movie (sponsored/created by Patagonia) on my computer.                                                        They/Them It was so on-point, about today, and these were real people who experience this. It was about rock climbing....but it went so much deeper (and higher) than that.  My husband and his brother-in-law used to climb mountains.  It lasted about 110 minutes.  It's about how we treat people who are different than us.  The bottom line....we have more in common with each other, especially when we take the time to listen.  Live richly, marilyn Follow Lor Sabourin into the sandstone canyons of northern Arizona as they piece together five of the hardest pitches of their climbing career and a climbing community where everyone can thrive as their authentic self.