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Notes to myself....

  This has been on our front porch for years. But the tiny, tiny white/pink buds show up every autumn. The plant doesn't require too much from me: a drink of water every week, some sunshine helps bring the flowers out of hibernation, and maybe some plant food. I wish I was that easy to take care of. It's amazing how I let things get into my head and I wrestle with those 'things' until I'm exhausted, both mentally and physically.  Things that I've learned this year (so far).... -Don't buy colored appliances. Stick with white. My deep-red washer and dryer have paint flaking/peeling off of them. -Don't be cheap....just be reasonable. My refrigerator has this habit of sounding like bongo drums...I think it happens when it's about to re-chill itself. I was told it was a 'condenser' issue. I'll never shop at that store again. I will check the warranty to be sure of what I'm getting before I pay for it. It only had a 1-year warranty. -Listen