Frost, container ships, sideshows & Golden Needle.

 I woke up to find frost on the carriage house. 
Yes, that's my table laying on its side. I do that so I
don't need to haul it into/out of the garage/carriage house. 
And the grime is much easier to get off.

I'm tired of hearing about Black Friday. These days it sounds like a racial slur....not
a discounted shopping holiday. Besides, what can we purchase when the supply chain is so backed up?

I went to the former Naval Air Station (i.e. Alameda Point) with a friend, on Wednesday. It was bright and clear. As we drove around we could see all many of the container ships anchored on the San Francisco Bay. 

We were just looking around at what has been done, and what really NEEDS to be done, regarding housing. Some of those ancient buildings are literally falling down: full of broken windows, trash, tire marks where the drivers were having sideshows. 

The 'Alameda Point' landmass is one-third of the island of Alameda! Because my son and his family live in San Diego, we've driven around that former Naval Air Station. It is glorious! I'm sure I'll be long gone before I ever see the finished product at Alameda Point. 

New subject: I'd like to give a shout-out to a local company, Golden Needle Tailoring, located at 1903 Encinal Ave. between Lafayette & Chestnut. . They can stitch up my sweaters, and make them look brand new! I love them! 

If you have a favorite store, shop, business, in Alameda 94501, 94502, let me know!

Live richly, marilyn  


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