What day is it? It's a Special Day.....

 One of my dear friends emailed me that this week is palindrome week. I'd never heard anything about it. Here's her explanation:

"Kicking off from February 20th, 2022, this week is a palindrome week which affects nine dates in total.

This means all the dates in this week are palindromic dates, meaning they read the same way both forward and backward."

The calendar came from daughter Sutter, and the artwork is created by New Zealanders (aka Kiwis)!

The dates are the following (please note these are written in US format):

February 20, 2022 (2-20-22)
February 21, 2022 (2-21-22)
February 22, 2022 (2-22-22)
February 23, 2022 (2-23-22)
February 24, 2022 (2-24-22)
February 25, 2022 (2-25-22)
February 26, 2022 (2-26-22)
February 27, 2022 (2-27-22)
February 28, 2022 (2-28-22)
2/22/22 Baby Kian arrived in Walnut Creek on 2/22/22 — a minute after 2:22 in the morning.

I let her know that my birthday is among those dates. But I didn't let her know which one. 

However, when Carl and I raised our kids, we let them choose any day for a 'Special Day.' Of course, no parent knew what a special day was, which was just fine! And our kids had as much fun (if not more) on their Special Day. 

Thanks for the lesson about palindrome week, Vicki!

Live richly! marilyn


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