Every day is a holiday...

 ...based on these 'marketers':

2/22/22 National Margarita Day  (food.com) 

2-9-22 National Pepperroni Pizza Day (where did this come from?) 

I'd like it if we had one holiday per month. Maybe attach it to a Friday...so we'd have a long weekend. 

-We used to celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday on Feb 12. 

-We used to celebrate George Washington's birthday on Feb 22.

Now we merged them into Presidents Day.

I think we need to have a Mr. (Fred) Rogers' Day. He meant what he said, and he said it so kindly. The thought of being kind to a neighbor is downright good!

But sometimes neighbors don't like neighbors. The world is going mad. 

I had a very unexpected chat with an older gentleman when I was bringing in my garbage bins late today. Of course, older means different things to different folks. 

He wondered how long ago I had my house painted...he loved the colors. He also spoke about the very blue house up the street. He was kind, but kind of surprised that it stood out so much.

He told me a bit about where he came from, his long-standing, solid relationship with a woman up the block. It was lovely.

These are the conversations that mean something to us. No ranting, no raving, just kindness. 

This gives me some sense of encouragement. 

I'm promoting my Shredding Party on Saturday, April 23, 9am - noon. 

All are invited...it's free to you, from me. I pay for it, but if you'd like to donate to Alameda Meals on Wheels...I'll match those donations!

This is living richly. marilyn


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