Stuff....(beware this is George Carlin talking about topical subjects...and he swears A LOT!).

I've always said...

"Have space, will fill." 

"If we can't see it, it doesn't exist." 

First rose to bloom in my front yard.

All of us do it: we keep filling up cabinets, closets, under beds, behind furniture, and blah blah blah. It makes us feel good, because we can't see what we've stashed away.

I was very glad that Carl was happy to build quality stuff in our carriage house (aka garage that you couldn't get a vehicle into): 

-half-models of boats that he designed
-fixed fixtures that were broken

I was able to give a lot of Carl's quality tools to friends. 

Here's a bit that George Carlin did....all about STUFF! Beware: there's a boatload of swear words.

His dad (an airline pilot with Western Airlines) taught him how to use hand tools and machinery that woodworkers used. 

There's a canoe that Carl and our son built which is still hanging from the rafters. Son Evan continues to say he wants it. That's good, because if it wasn't hanging I'd be giving it away.

We have a cedar chest in our house. But it's full of my doll stuff: Barbie  - and no I didn't have multiple Barbie's. It's full of my flying stuff, photo albums, high school yearbooks, and more stuff. We've got a full bookcase with sliding glass doors that shows our stuff.

What's fascinating about Carlin's bit is that he's talking about war, homelessness, lack of food, prisons, military bases, taking over golf courses and replacing it with houses/apartments/homes, . He died in 2008. Has nothing changed in the last 14 years?

Oh BTW....I gave up on golf several years ago...too slow, too long to get back to where I started. 

Live richly, marilyn (and hope I get rid of some of my stuff.)


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